Rain or shine, it's always beautiful in Brevard.

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Photo Credits:

  • Leonard Augie (Winter in Downtown Brevard)
  • John Riddle (Winter in Downtown Brevard)
  • Ginger Osbourne (White Squirrel Festival 2007)
  • Kerry Williams (White Squirrel Festival 2007)
  • Gary Woeltjen (Fourth of July 2007)
  • Sydney Avery (Fourth of July 2007)
  • Jack Christfield
    • 2nd Annual Squirrel Box Derby 2008
    • 5th Annual White Squirrel Festival 2008
    • Dancing with Our Stars 2008
  • Janis Allen (2nd Annual Squirrel Box Derby 2008)
  • Rich Singer (5th Annual White Squirrel Festival 2008)
  • Robert Stoutamine
    • City's 140th Birthday Celebration
    • Main Street Alive 2008

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