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2010 Rank Order of Sectors

Rank Ordering of Sectors for 2010 by (1) % White, (2) White Squirrels/Acre, & (3) Total Squirrels/Acre  The rankings below are intended to allow interested persons to identify areas within the city of Brevard where they are most likely to encounter white squirrels.  Percentage by
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Overview of Findings

For larger versions of images, click on them and then maximize new window.   Distribution of White Squirrel Colonies Brevard is not the only community to host a white squirrel colony.  There are approximately a dozen other cities with similar populations. The most famous of
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Summary of 2009 Squirrel Count

[Transcribed from 2 April 2010 Transylvania Times] Brevard’s white squirrels would seem to be doing well as preparations are being made for the Sixth Annual White Squirrel Festival on Memorial Day weekend. Under the supervision of the Heart of Brevard, community volunteers conducted t
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Frequently Asked Questions Since the emphasis of this post is on answers to FAQ, I have left it free of illustrations.  However, there are links to appropriate images embedded throughout.  Look for colored text which appear underlined when the cursor points their way.  Most of these a
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What is a White Squirrel?

Lions and Tigers and … White Squirrels? Just what is a white squirrel, anyway? Is it a distinct species? Is it a mutation? These are some of my most FAQs. And the answer is ……. it depends. There is, in fact, one tree squirrel for which a white coat seems to be a char
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Purpose of the Squirrel Count

The stated purpose of the squirrel count and the White Squirrel Research Institute is to monitor the abundance and distribution of Brevard’s unusual color variant of the Eastern Gray Squirrel. That sounds very academic. But why should we expect the community to embrace and parti
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General Information and Procedure

If you are participating in this year’s Annual Brevard Squirrel Count, we sincerely thank you!  This survey will help us monitor the distribution and abundance of Brevard’s resident white squirrel population. The data from this year’s count will be available to the public o
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Inheritance: Dominant or Recessive?

This is a relatively technical (and wordy) posting.  The first few paragraphs outline just enough genetics to understand the terminology.  If you’ve had Biology 101, this is probably review.  The rest is algebra.  If this kind of approach is not for you, suffice it to say, a dom
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North Carolina Academy of Science Presentations – March 2012

 After an accumlations of 15 years of data, I felt it was time to summarize and share observations from the Brevard Squirrel Count with the regional scientific community, particularly because an earlier presentation (2001) had been premature and misinterpreted current trends.  With su
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Burgin, Jennifer.  Notable Observations. Dalzell, Bonnie. 1997. Canine Coat Color – Inheritance and Appearance (coat colors and coat color inheritance in dogs) with an emphasis on Colors in Borzoi. Glesener, Robert R.. White Squirrel Research Institute. Glesener, Robert R.  MS. 
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The WSRI Director

UPDATE: Our deepest sympathy goes to Dr. Glesener’s family in his passing. http://www.obitsforlife.com/obituary/823013/Glesener-Dr-Robert.php     GLESENER, ROBERT. Associate Professor of Biology, Emeritus, Brevard College. B.S., University of Maryland (Zoology); M.S. (
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