Rain or shine, it's always beautiful in Brevard.

Relationship between Squirrel Abundance and Mast

  Relationship Between Eastern Gray Squirrel Abundance and Mast in Western North Carolina Robert R. Glesener Heart of Brevard Community volunteers from the city of Brevard, North Carolina have conducted an annual fall squirrel count for the past 15 years (1997-2011). Although the prim
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Evidence for Dominant Inheritance

  Indirect Evidence for a Dominant Inheritance of Brevard, North Carolina’s White Squirrel Variant. Robert R. Glesener, Heart of Brevard. Abstract: From a pair released in 1951, Brevard, North Carolina’s white variants have increased to over 1,000 squirrels, currently making up 40.3%
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15 Year Summary of Squirrel Count

  Brevard, North Carolina’s Annual Squirrel Count Shows Gradual Increase of White Variant Over 15 Years. Robert R. Glesener. Heart of Brevard Abstract: The city of Brevard, North Carolina hosts an established colony of non-albino white squirrels with pigmented eyes, head patch, and do
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