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Comporium is a diversified communications company providing a Quintuple Play of five services — voice, video, data, wireless and security — at the retail level; as well as, providing security monitoring and directory publishing for its industry customers.

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Transylvania Times
Transylvania Times

For more than a hundred years, The Transylvania Times has been dedicated to providing in-depth news coverage of Transylvania County.

In addition to keeping the public informed through coverage of city and county government, The Transylvania Times also covers some of the county’s most remote areas through its dedicated group of community correspondents.

Weekly features such as Church News, School News, Sports, Arts and Entertainment, and Senior Citizens News help cover the many aspects of this diverse and growing community. And the paper’s extensive Opinions of the Readers section is truly THE public forum for county residents.

Furthermore, The Transylvania Times has funded and supported countless community improvement initiatives, making it far more than an objective record of the day’s events: it is the voice of Transylvania County.

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Transylvania Times
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WSQL Radio
WSQL Radio

We are dedicated to delivering quality programming that is enjoyed and appreciated by our listeners and is recognized as providing added value to the community.

We believe that as a communications center, we are an important contributor to the exceptional quality of life in our community.

We adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity in everything we do. We are careful not to allow content or language to offend our listener audience.

We are a major source of warning and information when emergencies arise in the community, and we are dedicated to respond quickly and responsibly.

We have an obligation to operate a profitable business and to deliver a competitive return on our shareholders’ investment.


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