Rain or shine, it's always beautiful in Brevard.

How to Support Local Businesses During COVID-19

 Safety FAQs

The most important thing that any of us can do is to take care of ourselves and our families. Please stay home if you are not feeling well. If you do have to go out, please maintain good hygiene practices and social distancing recommendations. The CDC’s website is an excellent resource. You can also read more about COVID-19 on Transylvania County’s Health and Human Services website.

What Businesses are open?

The lists below from The Transylvania County Chamber provide information on local businesses: which ones are open, if they have limited hours, etc. The two embedded spreadsheets list Heart of Brevard District businesses only.

Transylvania County Restaurant Updates (formerly Mike Griffin’s “Best of Brevard”)

General Businesses & Accommodations

Transylvania Farmers’ Market Local Food Vendor Info

City of Brevard Press Release for Outdoor Seating Resolution

HOB Restaurant Listing

HOB Retail Business Listing

How can I support local businesses?

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Purchase Gift Cards

Gift cards provide immediate income to our local businesses but allow you to use their services at a later time.

-Buy 12 for the next year’s worth of date nights! For example, buy a gift certificate to a local theatre and one to your favorite date night restaurant for Dinner and a Movie!


Congratulate a Graduate!

Spring graduations are coming up! Celebrate your grad by sending them flowers or giving them a gift card to one of their favorite local businesses.


Say Happy Birthday!

Know a friend who is celebrating a birthday during COVID-19? Work with a local bakery to have their favorite treat delivered, and enjoy it with them via Zoom. Or give them a gift card to their favorite local restaurant or shop to enjoy later. 


Have Date Night at Home

Date Night is still a thing! But this time see a movie on Netflix while you enjoy take out from one of your favorite date night restaurants! Or take the fun outside and have a romantic picnic in your yard. 


Go Get that Morning Coffee or After Work Beer

A lot of breweries and coffee shops are doing to go. So you can still get that morning coffee, and enjoy it while you take a walk downtown. And, have that after work beer by refilling your growler at a local brewery or picking up a 6 pack from a local beer shop.


Take the Family Out

Order a family meal once a week for to go or delivery!

Tip: It’s better for restaurants if you collect carry out yourself, rather than use a delivery app. It helps both you, and the restaurant avoid delivery charges.


Share the Love for Your Local Businesses on Social Media

Whatever you do share the love on social media! Whether you pick up that date night meal or grab a coffee to go. Take pic, share it on your socials and tag that local business!