Jennifer Burgin: Squirrel Rehabber Extraordinaire

Jennifer Burgin has extraordinary powers of observation.  That, coupled with her dedication to squirrel rehabbing, make her one of the most knowledgeable persons I know of tree squirrels, in general, and of the Brevard white squirrel variant, in particular.  Whenever I have a question regarding anatomy, development, physiology or behavior, I turn to Jennifer.  I have some book knowledge.  She has a lot of first hand, experiential knowledge.  Below are some observations of hers I felt compelled to share with a broader online audience.  Most are extractions (cut and pastes, if you will) from emails I have received from her and were never intended as web pages.  Although they are being displayed with Jennifer's permission, I take full responsibility for rhetorical and other errors in editing.   If you would like more information on any of these topics, I suggest you go directly to the squirrel lady's mouth; you can email her at [email protected]