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    White Squirrel  Research Institute

Dedicated to the study of Brevard NC's
White Color Variant of the Eastern Gray Squirrel

What is a White Squirrel?
Brevard White Squirrel's Distinctive Pattern!
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The White Squirrel Festival
Overview of Findings

The Squirrel Count
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Brevard's White Squirrels
Brevard Pictures  | Regional Distribution Snowflake  |  Origins
Self-Guided Tour | Census (How Many?) | Other White Squirrel Colonies & Sightings
Notable Observations | Relation to Hard Mast | Nesting Boxes | Other Projects
Habitat Fragmentation

 Some Squirrel Links and References
Squirrel Place | Nesting Box  | PamsRehab | References
 Squirrel TownsExeter Canada Squirrel Sanctuary
The White Squirrel Shoppe SquirrelStore
White Squirrel Lovers' Blog  | Squirrel Lovers' Club

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