Characteristic Features of the Brevard White Squirrel


Compare to Melanie from Orlando Fl

Miscellaneous Pictures of Brevard's White Squirrels

                             Some Angles Obscure Dark Markings 
                                       Siblings? If  you were a predator, which sib would catch your eye?

Note white abdominal patch in the normal gray ato the left.   Could the so-called blonde or white morph result from a developmental anomaly where the white patch extends, laterally compressing gray hairs to a narrow dorsal band?  The incredible amount of variation within the white morph can be illustrated by the squirrel to the right.  The cream or tan fur of the body extends approximately one inch up the tail, the remainder of which is white.  A head patch and dorsal strip are present but less distinctive (click on the picture for different views). This type of variation doesn't exist in albino colonies (Also see "Variationin Dorsal Strip and Head Patch Pigmention" accessed from "OtherProjects" page).



Photo by Margie Kashdin

The following photograph was taken by Brevard resident Jo Barnes.
One of Jo's shots won the Blue Ribbon for the Animal Life Category
at the 1999 Festival of Arts but I think I like this one better.
This "famous" shot taken by Volney Tinsely appears on postcardsavailable at The White Squirrel Shoppe.
In case you were wondering, that's a genuine Ritz Cracker not animitation (photo by Tinsley)
More photo's by Volney Tinsley
           The above pictures by Volney Tinsley as well at the ones below courtesy of Mildred Cash
 (who also took the one at the top center of this page), arefrom the 1970s.
The head patch and dorsal stripe, said to be lacking in the originalpair,
are clearing evident by this time.

Jennifer Burgin is, amongst other things, a very talented squirrel rehabber.  As such she has opportunities to make observations and take close-up photographs not available to most of us.  Much of what we know about the development and inheritance of the white squirrel variant has come from her observations and I encourage you to visit the pages she has contributed to this website (Burgin_Jennifer.htm).  Here, however, are three pictures I post not for their information content but for their aesthetic beauty and uniqueness (I'm often asked "aren't white squirrels camouflaged during winter?"; I'll let you decide).  As pretty as these pictures are, they are not her best.  I am an avid photographer, myself.  With one exception, my house is entirely decorated with my own work.  That one is one of Jennifer's that I can not begin to describe in words..  Jennifer has a variety of pictures for sale at a modest price.  If you would be interested in finding out what is available and how to obtain them, you can contact her at
[email protected]
Meanwhile, enjoy these.



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